Schools Energy Co-operative

Thanks to all who supported our first share offer which was significantly oversubscribed and the panels are now installed on Glenleigh Park Primary Academy School.  For more information on Schools Energy Co-operative and details of our second share offer click here

Energise Sussex CoastGlenleigh Park Primary Academy, Bexhill6 March 2015

The Schools’ Energy Co-operative funds the installation of solar panel systems on schools free of charge, provides educational support to its member schools and after paying interest to members pays its surplus to its member schools. It works with schools, parent groups and local community groups to maximise the environmental, educational and community impact of the solar intallations.

The Schools’ Energy Co-operative is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting its school members and provides an alternative to the prevailing commercial rent a roof or leasing model. It gives schools access to renewable energy sources and helps them cut their energy costs with no up-front cost by installing solar panels (and potentially LED lights).

The aim is to assist schools in their sustainability and educational work and to engage the local community. Central to this is our aspiration to retain as much as possible of the benefits for the school, its students and the surrounding community.

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