Outstanding Contribution to Community Energy Award

We were delighted to receive the Outstanding Contribution to Community Energy Award at the Community Energy Awards in 2018.

Mike Smyth, Energy4All, on winning the special award said: “We are thrilled to receive this special award for Outstanding Contribution to Renewable Energy. Making such a contribution has relied on: the original vision of Baywind (the founders of Energy4All); the amazing support of the members of E4A’s 24 co-ops and bencoms; the work of the volunteer boards of those co-ops; collaboration with like-minded partner organisations; and the tireless hard work of the dedicated staff at Energy4All. We are energised by this celebration of what has been achieved so far and we now continue the work of delivering on our mission. ”


Kathy Smyth Springbok and Paul Phare, John Malone and Mike Smyth from Energy4All. Image credit CEE CEW/James Barke

Congratulations also go out to three Energy4All Co-ops

  •  Mean Moor Wind Farm in partnership with Thrive Renewables,winners of the Community Energy Finance Award.
  • The Schools’ Energy Cooperative Ltd won the Community Renewable Energy Project Award
  • Springbok Wood Heat Co-operative were Highly Commended for being the first community owned district heating system.
  • Social Enterprise UK
  • Keyfund
  • I'm a member - Community Energy England