Help save onshore wind subsidies

Onshore wind has made a very significant contribution to delivering decarbonisation to date and had been moving towards a position of being independent of subsidies. Brutally cutting subsidies now will effectively destroy the onshore sector at a critical time in its development. This makes no environmental or economic sense, just as decarbonisation targets are about to be missed and we are approaching the Paris Climate Change Summit.

The Government’s own surveys show that onshore wind commands the support of over two thirds of those asked, far more than fracking. The Government’s undermining of the onshore wind sector will destroy investor confidence in UK renewables and will fly in the face of global moves to protect the climate.

38 Degrees have started a petition to be sent to David Cameron and Amber Rudd, to overturn the removal of onshore wind subsidies.

Please show your support by clicking on the link below and signing and sharing the petition.


The best thing you can do for for Clean Energy

In Germany, any community can put up a wind turbine or solar panels, then sell the power locally for whatever price they think is fair.

The result: hundreds of thriving little clean energy suppliers, and loads more renewables on the grid. We could be doing the same thing over here too, but right now the rules of Britain’s crazy energy market make it impossible. Don’t be sad though – we can fix this!

Local supply rights could be a game-changer for renewables, but that’s just the start: Rewards for careful energy users? No problem. Cut-price power for those who need it? Why not!

Sounds like a plan? Join the petition, then share it with everyone you know. Let’s make this happen!



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