European co-operative growth

As a member of an Energy4All connected cooperative you support UK renewable energy growth.

Energy4All is now exploring the possibility of the UK renewable cooperative sector collaborating with the wider European movement, which could involve opportunities for participating in European co-operatives, promoting wider solidarity in the cause of renewable energy.

For example, Enercoop, created in 2004 and based in France, is a founding part of the REScoop family.  It has 29,000 individual members who buy green electricity from their cooperative and 53,000 customers. Made up of ten separate regional renewable energy cooperatives, Enercoop operates 87 hydro schemes, 17 windfarms, 55 solar projects and one biomass generator, producing 205GWh of electricity in 2016.

Enercoop is looking to raise funds to grow its business. Most of its cooperative capital to date has come from France, but Enercoop has asked the other cooperatives in REScoop if they might provide promotional assistance.

You should be aware that financial returns to members of French cooperatives are typically lower than in the UK.

Energy4All would be grateful if you would indicate whether, if it were further to develop such an idea of extending the focus of Energy4All projects you might, in principle, consider responding to formal offers from European co-operatives.

European Co-op Growth

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