Fenland Green Power Co-op

Fenland Green Power Co-op

Fenland Green Power Co-operative, www.fens.coop was set up to give local people in the Fens an opportunity to invest in wind developments in their area. Farmers and local residents have shown great interest in this scheme, as it gives them an opportunity to become involved in sharing the benefits of green energy originally through a scheme called Fenland Green Power Investment run by Wind Prospect.

The Deeping St Nicholas windcluster in Lincolnshire, comprises 8 x 2 MW REpower wind turbines on land at Vine House Farm and Worths Farm. Fenland Green Power Co-operative owns two of the 100m tall wind power generators, the scheme was approved, following a public inquiry.
The wind turbines have been erected, tested and commissioned and became fully operational during the summer of 2006.

The share prospectus was launched on 26th October 2007 and raised 2.66m to enable the co-op to purchase two operational turbines on the site. Social Enterprise East Midlands awarded Fens Co-op a development grant of 50,000 and is supported by the Lincolnshire Co-operative Development Agency and Lincolnshire Co-operative.

After protracted negotiations Fens Co-op finally purchased two out of the eight turbines on the 31st December 2008. Along with the 2.6 million raised through the share issue an additional 1.8 million loan was taken out to secure the purchase of the two turbines.

The wind farm was developed by Wind Prospect in association with EdF Energies Nouvelles. The wind farm was built by the turbine manufacturer REpower UK.

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