Share Offers



The SHARE OFFER is now temporarily closed.


Energise South’s Share Offer successfully raised £400,000 to meet the cost of installing solar PV on buildings in the Hastings area.

Energise South’s mission is to make the South Coast zero carbon by 2030, by installing solar panels on schools, colleges, faith and community buildings, and local businesses.

The team are working on the required permissions to install solar PV on further buildings which may result in the Share Offer re-opening to raise more funds.

Keep checking this website for updates.

Click here to find out what sites have been installed to date.

Investments in shares of renewable energy co-operatives and community benefit societies are long term investments to deliver an environmental and social impact as well as a financial return.  As with any investment there are risks. Your capital is at risk and may not be readily realisable. The value of your shares may go down. Returns are projected, variable, depend on performance and are not guaranteed. Consider all risks before investing. As unregulated share offers, investments do not receive the protection of the Government’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme and investors do not have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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